Stronger Down the Stretch: Surviving Midlife Without a Crisis

r dennis brady
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Is midlife leaving you exhausted, unmotivated, and apathetic, all while heading toward a crisis?

Stronger Down the Stretch - Surviving Midlife Without a Crisis is a powerful, sometimes humorous ebook packed with strategies for rekindling the flame that’s faded over time.

“Stronger Down the Stretch” is a must-read for men wrestling with mid-life malaise. I read it one sitting and simply couldn’t put it down. Brady speaks with candor and draws from a deep well of experience and Biblical wisdom sharing practical steps to help men reinvigorate their spiritual, emotional and physical well being."

Aaron S.

The ebook presents 20 actionable steps that will guide you through the journey of:

  • Seeking God first for answers
  • Understanding who you are in Christ
  • Discovering your purpose
  • Strengthening and protecting your personal relationships
  • Realizing the devastating costs of a midlife crisis
  • Enhancing your professional skills and becoming a “free agent”
  • Revitalizing your health so you can always tie your shoes

Imagine looking forward to Monday mornings instead of hurling your phone across the room when the alarm goes off!  Envision your days filled with vigor, strength, and excitement, knowing you’re living the grand purpose for which God created you. This ebook is more than theories - it’s my journey into midlife. These ideas are battle-tested, proven, and transformed my life.

Stronger Down the Stretch - Surviving Midlife Without a Crisis is a must-read, and every woman should buy it for her husband. This compelling and engaging ebook may save your marriage and family. 

Buy it now, and let’s finish stronger down the stretch! 

What's inside the ebook?


Part One: Stronger with God

Chapter 1: Seek God First

Chapter 2: Who You Are in Christ

Chapter 3: The Mind of Christ

Part Two: Stronger Personally

Chapter 4: Goals

Chapter 5: Relationships

Part Three: Stronger Professionally

Chapter 6: Cloudy with a Chance of Storms

Chapter 7: But What, God?

Chapter 8: Leverage Your Time

Chapter 9: You Are a Free Agent

Part Four: Stronger Physically

Chapter 10: Caleb Strong

Chapter 11: Physically Stronger Down the Stretch

Part Five: The Final Stretch

Chapter 12: Finish Strong

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You'll get 75 pages of tried and true life experiences to help you thrive in midlife and avoid a crisis

Four bookmarks declaring who you are in Christ
20 action steps
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80 pages


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Stronger Down the Stretch: Surviving Midlife Without a Crisis

4 ratings
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